Striped down to the bone.

1-Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 10.41.46 PM.png I think I had too much fun last night at the She & Him show with Camera Obscura, because even though we were in bed by midnight I've felt kind of exhausted and a little off all day! Maybe it was all the singing and dancing along, or the fact that the humidity makes breathing feel more like chewing today, but all I want to do is curl up and take a nap in front of the A/C, reliving Zooey Deschanel covering Unchained Melody with her cutie pie backup singers on a hot midsummer night.

02-Day 9

Here's the DL on Refinery 29 31 Awesome Outfits To Copy All July LongDay 9: "Stripes and florals are the most foolproof of print-mixing duos. Choose big stripes and big blooms."

I had to tweak today's pretty straightforward outfit two or three times before leaving it be. First it was a little too casual with the loose striped tank, then it was too bland with the nude heel and subtle pink on my lips. Gah!


A little better with bold red lip gloss from Korres and punchy heels, but way too warm with the sleeves and my hair down.

1-Day 92

Put the pony back. Much better!


I do really like the snugness of this easy striped knit top, it's soft as can be and the navy stripe still packs a punch after who knows how many washes, and I can't sing enough praises for this skirt, but I do kind of wish I had a more structured or polished striped tank to wear for this outfit.


Still, navy stripes couldn't be more perfect, color-wise, for the skirt!


Toss in a pair of bold earrings (these are from Asos), a rough-and-tumble cuff (Madewell sold out of this one, but there's something similar here), and a vintage necklace in thorny gold, and you're all set. Add a big vintage ring for good measure. The heels are Marco Santi - they were a Hautelook find!


So odd to me that I feel "meh" about an outfit I was excited for, and have definitely been more excited with the outcome of outfits I was originally "meh" about! Tune in tomorrow to see if the romper makes this week's cut or not.

Here are the crowns in action last night, walking down Seaport to the show with our pals:


Until the morrow, my friends!