Bonjour! How is everyone doing? Enduring the rain and snow and fog, I trust. San Francisco's fog today seems inspired by London, and while it's ever so slightly warmer than it's been, the tomboy and I are gearing up for holiday at Lake Tahoe. The chains are ready, we've bulked up our skiing gear, hashed out the weekend's menu with two other couples we're headed up with (sweet as pie, the lot of them), and packed up our coziest sweaters.  (When I say up, by the way, I  mean East, though for as long as I can remember it's always felt like going North. I've been turned around my whole life.)

A spacious three bedroom, two bath cabin with a loft is waiting for us, just 1,000 feet or so from the lake and close to a handful of ski resorts. You know what's super fun at ski resorts? Making out on the lifts. (A dear friend of ours really recommends a good old off-the-trail reach-a-round romp, but that sounds downright cold and there are some paces frostbite needs to NEVER HAPPEN. Not ever.)

Remember our old ski trips?

We cannot wait. This week has yawned and hemmed and hawed and dragged its clodded feet, but it's finally our Friday. Hurray! I promise to pack up some FFAF-worthy ski bunny outfits for photographing and blogging, even if it means tearing myself away from the slopes and the roaring fires and après ski drinks and the hot tub out on the pretty redwood deck of our cabin. In other news, I got a haircut on Monday.

Day 1: Instead of lunch, I went to a nearby salon and met my new hairstylist, who is darling. I gave her a list of priorities:

  • trim 2-3 inches min., but as much as she needed to get rid of any damaged ends, etc.
  • clean up the layers for more movement and to make it feel a little more "rock 'n roll"
  • sort out my fringe, create a more "piece-y" look that'll translate to the perfect ponytail

She took off more length than I expected during my 1.5 hr. visit, but I couldn't freak out because I'd given her a carte blanche of sorts. (There's still a lot left for M to play with, thank heavens.) She also did the whole thing sans scissors (being Bumble & Bumble trained, I figured I was in good hands). She finished with a super sleek and chic style, which is easy enough for me to replicate at home.

Day 2: Believe it or not, I slept in and was only able to hop into the shower for a minute and pinned up my hair, not bothering to wash it. To style, I lighted misted the bangs with Lush Eau Roma toner water and brushed all over with my Aveda wooden paddle brush, using a pea-sized drop of Fekkai's Glossing Creme to smooth and add shine. Voila!

Day 3: The true test. After washing my hair, I towel-dried, then worked a bit of protective, nutrient-rich cream through before combing with a wide-toothed comb. I lightly spritzed Fekkai's Beach Waves through the layers and scrunched periodically as it air-dried to sculpt some wave and movement. By the time I got to work, it looked like it does in the picture! Passed with flying colors.

Day 4: Big, soft curls with my BaByliss flatiron. Took about 7-10 minutes this morning. They look nice enough, but the length is a bit off for the size (1.5"), so I'll have to play with it or stick to my curling wand until I have another inch or so to work with.

- - -

Last night, I met a friend for happy hour at Rickhouse, a local bar with an incredible cocktail program and equally incredibly named drinks - like Pleasant Evening and Bella Fraggola. All their bartenders wear suspenders and I am fond of suspenders.  The service is excellent.

We hadn't seen each other for weeks, and she gave my hair her enthusiastic approval, noting that a new year deserves a great new style. I hadn't thought of it that way, but I suppose she's right!

See y'all next week - enjoy your holiday weekend...



PS. Did I mention the new bikini? It's black with a painterly floral print, and has a heavy dose of retro va-va-voom! I can't get it and myself and some champagne into the hot tub in the snow fast enough!