Stormy Skies

Let's discuss gay things. So, the Prop 8 trial started yesterday and I felt so disconnected from it all, even after reading 84,000 articles and opinion pieces and recaps of what's happening in the courtroom and in the hearts and minds of folks across the country. It's like having a snagged connecting flight, or trying to see without my contacts in.

Perhaps worse, I can't even tell if it's out of desensitization or laziness or plain old refusal to engage after having my heart so badly broken on a semi-consistent basis since, well, 2003, really, when I was a brand new lesbian and the marriage battle reared up like a wild mustang here in San Francisco in 2004 to begin with. That's seven years of bullshit, y'all, and it ain't shit compared to how long other couples and families have been fighting for equality.

Today, a dear friend of mine - in support of fairness, equality and marriage for all - posted some photos on Facebook of something wonderful she did last year. She'd heard that a lot of the couples (a great deal of them out-of-towners flying or driving in from afar) were having trouble providing a friend to bear witness to their marriage during the window of time that they were legal here in California. Wanting to help, to do something, anything, she trekked down to City Hall on the Friday before Pride Sunday in June and ended up being the witness for four separate couples, lesbian and gay, and all of them in dire need of a helpful stranger.  The couples were together for anywhere from 3 to 35 years, and she swooped in and saved the day!

Sharing in what these couples will surely recall as one of the most amazing days of their lives, she says it was one of the best days of hers. She makes me proud not only to be her friend, but also to be a part of what I know is a passionate, intelligent and generous community. One that looks out for one another when no one else will, and if the gays ever had a gal-next-door superhero, she is absolutely one of them.



PS. Though I believe they are once again going to revisit the subject of televising the Prop 8 trial via youtube today sometimes, I really, really, really urge you to check out this live blog from the Courage Campaign. It's amazing. I am currently at Professor Cott's testimony, and reading it feels like gulping water after having not had a drop for days, truly. Truly. They also have a Twitter to keep up with their updates, but I would just really love for as many people as possible to know that it's there and to take advantage of it, to know this fight like the back of our hand because, well, we ought to. It is our fight, after all.

PPS. OK, OK. Maybe I have completely read every single word of the live blog thus far and it's managed to jump start me out of my proverbial gay fog. (It's raining quite gorgeously here in SF.) I'm connected! I'm connected!