Spring has sprung!

Praise Dolly! The sun came out in a glorious way today! Not in that wintry, deceptive, incapable-of-penetrating-the-chill way, but in an honest-to-God Springtime sort of way. It was lovely. To be completely honest, I've been wearing this dress around the house like a muumuu or house dress, or a hearty old slip, so when it was time to put on proper clothes, I just tossed on the leggings and jacket and scooped my hair into a ponytail. Voila! It felt sinful and fantastic.

When we stepped out onto our little street to take these photos (M is really coming into her own as a style photographer), the kittens were out, the trees were green, bumblebees buzzed, I sipped my whiskey sour and reapplied my very red Besame lipstick with very red nails. Spring and I went at it hot and heavy. Alas, I fear the cold will come and go until it warms back up in earnest, but that's OK. Today was wonderful.

So, spit it out! What are your big Valentine's Day plans? We're going to be lazy bears until the early evening, with small bites and cocktails at Annabelle's and then to a "Share The Love" party being thrown by a friend of hers and her loverbird. It should be dreamy!

Of course, FFAF wouldn't even be worth if not for y'all, so here's a big wet lipstick-y femme kiss from me to you! XO!