Spring Greens

1-DSC03240 Guys, we made it. Congratulations! It's spring. It's officially spring, and while the signs may be subtle, they're there. Birds are singing, almost all the snow has melted, the light's different, and the sun is setting just shy of 7pm. It's magical. I wanted a big dose of color to usher in the season, so I took a tonal approach, using a pair of dark cords to keep the sea green silk grounded in reality.


I really didn't have anywhere special to be tonight, but lucky timing meant that the tomboy was home in time to hop in the car and drop the petite off at a sleepover, so we picked up a gift for a birthday party tomorrow, a little treat for yours truly, and got to unwind from the week with a nice, relaxing dinner together. See, you never know when you're going to need to be dressed, so you might as well be well-dressed!


My 55mm didn't arrive until Wednesday night, and I've been tinkering with it ever since, but even this first hasty attempt at FFAF-worthy photos with a new camera, new lens and a new timer came out surprisingly well despite my learning curve. It is the most insanely wonderful piece of glass I have ever handled, let alone owned, and I'm incredibly excited about the places it'll take me.

1-Spring Green

Super huge thanks to The Phoblographer, who were so responsive and knowledgeable and friendly; they run a truly great site! (They also have a pretty excellent giveaway right now, check it out and enter here - you can win a Sony A7, like I've got, or comparable models from Olympus or Fujifilm.)  Snapsort can be really useful, too, if you're in the market for a new camera or lens.


What else is new? My French and Equine Nutrition classes ended last week, so I jumped right in to some beginner coding classes. I'm pretty excited about learning JavaScript and jQuery. (I had to tell the tomboy to slow her roll; she thinks it's so awesome that I'm learning to code and gets really excited - she wants me to learn Ruby next, then Objective-C, and then she wants me to make a makeup app I've been trying to get her to make for years. Lord have mercy!)


In non-geeky updates, the ground should be thawed enough to get back in the saddle next week, at long last, so I'm back in barre classes and will probably tie on the trainers to get myself (and those horses) in some semblance of riding shape again. Maybe I'll even get the hang of lunging those beasts (it is harder than it looks). I can't wait for my first spring hack in the woods! All alone, birds singing, sun shining, flora lush and new again.


6-Spring Green

'Toothpick' Corduroys – J. Crew | Silk Blouse – Everlane | 'Havana' Clutch - J. Crew | Nude Wedges - BCBGeneration (similar here and here) | Fanned Raffia Necklace - Anthropologie

That's it - such a simple, comfortable outfit! Here are some random bits and nuggets in case you need additional reading material over the weekend:

Be back soon! Have a wonderful first weekend of spring! CHIRP CHIRP!