Special Guest FFAF: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

FFAF Cold A NOTE FROM SKINNY: Greetings, FFAF readers! It's a very exciting day, because I'm posting the very first ever guest FFAF post from a dear, dear friend, the lovely Kelly Alice. One of the things she loves to do is sit in bed at night and catch up on all of her favorite fashion magazines or blogs, until she's sleepy enough to retire. The other night, she told me recently, she'd drifted off and her sweet and lovin' tomboy came to bed, and in her sleep she said, "I want to start a fashion blog." "Oh, yeah?" said her tomboy, Fancy Pants, "Who will be in it?" "Me and my friends!" Kelly Alice replied, and vanished back into dreamland.

Of course, Kelly Alice doesn't remember this at all (I never remember the things I say in my sleep, either, but M sure does!), but she DOES remember waking up determined to whip up a FFAF-esque post, which she sent to me right away!

This is her awesome post. I'm sure you'll all welcome her warmly and find her to be just as smart and kind and adorable as M & I do! Enjoy!

KA's CONFESSION: I know that I wear the same things/styles over and over again and could never justify a style blog, but I do love them so (especially FFAF)!  Just for fun though, I did a little photo spread for you from this morning. I now realize how much work goes into your blog. I didn't have the time to take many shots, then I had to download them from the camera, and then edit the photos...phew, I'm tired just typing all this! How do you muster up the time and energy to do this every day? I salute you! Maybe one day I'll create a blog that incorporates all the things I love (food, fashion, travel, the damn cats). Who knows, maybe it will be fun!

I hope you're enjoying your little west coast cold snap!  I have to be honest, it becomes very hard to stay fashionable when it gets truly cold here in Boston (the kind of cold that makes it hard to breathe!). Here are some of my winter weather femme fashion tips:

  • buy boots in half a size bigger; wear warm wooly socks tucked inside when wearing dresses and skirts
  • use MAC Prep + Prime to keep make-up in place after tucking on hats and wrapping around scarves all day
  • wear silk long underwear under clothing - it makes a world of difference, feels so nice against the skin, and is so smooth you can barely notice the extra layer (especially under office clothing!)
  • when expecting to be outside for longer periods, put disposable hand warmers (found at sporting goods stores) in shoes, gloves, or on the nape of your neck

Also, I know you can hardly see it at all in the photos, but my latest eyeshadow obsession is MAC's Vex.  I have been wearing it every. single. day. for weeks since I've bought it!