South End Sunshine

01-DSC01821 Sunday brunch with friends is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Since our closest friends here are planning a move that'll take them five or six hours away from us (and so much closer to both their families - makes it very difficult to put up a fuss of any sort!), we're trying to squeeze in as much time together as possible before they embark on their next adventure of home ownership in rural PA. They are done, done, done with city life - a sentiment I'm hearing more and more of from my peers on both coasts - but one I'm not ready to share just yet.

02-DSC01763  04-DSC01697

We chose one of our favorite South End spots, since we could just take a short stroll to make the tomboy's afternoon hair appointment and do a little window shopping whilst out and about. It was a glorious day, super warm with beautiful blue skies, and lots and lots of open studios. There also happened to be a film crew blocking off streets and everyone in the neighborhood who owned a canine was out and about, parading fancy breeds around.


Cheeky tomboys in the phone booth with their haircuts.


We brunched at the Buttery, but while the tomboys sat at the barber, the other femme and I decided to pop into The Gallows for a bit of refreshment. I'm a sucker for any drink with the name "Albemarle" in it, heaven help me.


08-Perse FFAF

I have two of these James Perse dresses - one in this safari green, another in black - and they are insanely comfortable and easy to wear. Perfect for a day like this, but I'll easily wear both into autumn with tights and boots and cardigans or leather. The best part is I found 'em both for a song, brand new.


Some funky accessories like this vintage elephant belt, an antler tine pendant wrapped in a bullet casing with a gold bear on it, and an old estate sale LV clutch brought the whole Lesbian Zookeeper Chic look together, along with a pair of chunky sandals in tan leather.




The living garden wall in the vestibule at The Gallows.

Guess what? This weekend we're celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary with a little getaway. Things have been wonderful but busy with the new school year, wrapping up my first month at the new job, and the usual start-up hustle for M. Plus, we're learning from the past two fall seasons and getting a jump-start at preparing for cooler weather; bringing the firewood rack up from the basement and getting our kiln-dried wood ordered, clearing porch and patio furniture, we had a chimney sweep in last weekend, replaced our water heater a little while ago and are seeing to a few other good housekeeping things to get in order before the storms come down and that's that. And I'm headed to DC next month - it'll be my first time there, and I'm not even a little bit sad it's on business!