Snorkel Babies

Greetings from Mexico!

Kidding. Sort of. While the idea of floating in the perfect, crystalline waters off Isla Mujeres on a private chartered boat, sipping ice cold Mexican beer under a blistering hot sun, getting ready to leap overboard for some choice snorkeling sounds quite divine, these photos were unearthed from our trip there last year, for my 30th birthday. We'd never even been snorkeling before, but it was beckoning to us and we quickly realized we really, really, really loved snorkeling. So much so that we went back out a day or two later! It's really cool.

Look, they totally let me drive unsupervised! I LOVE MEXICO!

Currently we're home, it's still raining, and the fireplace is ablaze with almond firewood (our favorite). We're test-driving sparkling spiced pear cocktails - St. George's Aqua Perfecta Poire Liqueur, co-starring a little brut and allspice dram, and bits of actual pear - for next week, since we're off to my mother's for Thanksgiving and (as usual) we're in charge of cocktails and dessert. It was a perfectly lazy day. We were in bed until nearly 1pm, had brunch around 2pm, and set out for errands after M treated me to a pampering pedicure.

Obviously, it wasn't the most glamorous boat we were on, but we had it all to ourselves and they let us do whatever we pleased. We shared our beer with them and they showed us around to all the best snorkeling spots, far away from the splashing herds of tourist snorkelers.

Sometimes I'd get so mesmerized by the fish and plant life that I'd hardly notice the waves and currents pushing me yards and yards from the boat - M & I lost each other a handful of times, and once I quieted the brief flash of panic, falling into the feeling of being totally alone and surrounded by an otherworldly underwater beauty was spectacular.

Look at this big guy! I'll tell you what, though, we were out there for hours and it hardly felt like it. We could have stayed until the sun came down and they yanked us out of the water by our hair, but eventually snorkeling makes you absolutely ravenous, and we needed fresh fish tacos ASAP! We ended up eating at a place over the water, not too far from the above. Oh, just thinking about it makes me want to go back n o w. Sob!

Maybe next year we'll be those New England types who jet off to the Caribbean during the holidays! What are your plans for Thanksgiving and (if you can stomach discussing it so early) and Christmas?