Slow Hands

What I wouldn't do to have one of these little lakehouses, aren't they darling? You can see right down into the bottom of it, too, when you look down into the still water. I was amazed at how these photos came out; the lake took on this incredible, painterly reflection of the trees and mountains rising around it all its own, without a shred of digital trickery or funny business! There was a Russian family with a lot of young children fishing on the dock that stretched out to the right of this one. It was adorable.

Well, y'all. It's here. Superbowl Weekend. What do y'all have planned? Are some of you, I hope, partaking in the always delightful Puppy Bowl? If we weren't having my whole family over I wouldn't give two shits about it (the men heaving a ball around, not the precious puppies!), and I apologize if that sounds like an affront to some. It's not. I've always enjoyed Superbowl Sundays with my family. It felt like a tradition as warm, jubilant and religious as Easter or Christmas. Well, rowdier, but you get the idea.

I've never hosted one before, but most of the family has yet to see our new place, so it seemed like a swell notion at the time. We've been preparing for a week. We're juggling last-minute prep with book club and a birthday tomorrow, and I know we're going to have a great time but right now I just want it to be OVER.

Besides, I'm very excited about Monday. I can't tell you why, though. It's a surprise.

This post is clearly a rugged one: M was dressed for our long drive home (and trudging through the snow playing photographer), nothing fancy. She's wearing her RSQ jeans, some layered t-shirts - one long, one short, Spy sunglasses, and plain old snow boots pulled off a drugstore shelf in Tahoe. Still, I think she looks ready for whatever the mountain and lakes and mean river throws her way.

What is retail therapy called when you're doing it as a reward instead of to console yourself? Well, whatever it's called, I did it today. New boots from Nine West (although I was vexed that they wouldn't price adjust for me when I realized - too late, apparently - that I could have gotten them online for 30% less + free shipping, G R R R !), a beautiful necklace from Banana Republic (yes, another one) and a Jane Iredale sampler kit perfect for my skin tone. So, I have a question for you, sweet readers. Two of them!

1. What's the latest treat you've gotten for yourself?

2. What's your favorite fast-dry nail polish spray? I've tried OPI and Essie, and I'm convinced there's something getter out there. Especially for a gal as impatient as I am!