Since FFAF Been Gone

Hey, remember when that was the hugest lesbian anthem ever and I refused to engage until that one time at the Lex when just the right amount of bourbon and peer pressure collided and suddenly I was stomping and singing and flailing along with the rest of 'em, verse for verse? Yeah.

Remember that month I posted every single day and then it was February 2012 and I dropped off the face of the earth?! ACK!

Well, I'm back. If things look a little bit strange, it's because almost a week ago I became the smug owner of a brand new Macbook Air laptop, forever altering the course of my strictly-PC home machine existence, giving my wife a perpetual excuse to be irritated with me, and the petite endless opportunity to ridicule me (just last night she tucked $25 into my faux-leather oversized envelope, which is where my new baby sleeps at night, because, as she said, "I didn't want to leave it on the table because you might not notice it, and I knew if I left it there you'd find it right away," to which I snort - Kids!) It's called attachment parenting for a reason, guys.

Anyway, I am mostly smitten. It's gorgeous, light as a feather, speedier than a femme on a shopping spree and great big barrels of fun. I was and remain highly annoyed that the incredible Photoscape is Windows-only, and has royally screwed with my photo editing rhythm, particularly with FFAF material. I've test-driven around a dozen different Mac-specific photo editors and related tools (a combination of free trials and apps I've paid for), but none suit me as well as Photoscape did. It's nothing against Mac apps or programs, some of them are pretty and have great features, they just aren't as tailored to my process as Photoscape is (which is another way of saying I grew very dependent upon it). It's been trial and error! Every time I curse aloud because one app let me down and I have to pay to try another M is on her side of the couch, snickering about "Apple money pits" and such.

If worse comes to worst (or worst to worse - I can never remember which it is), I'll just run Windows and that'll be that!

Enough tech talk. Yesterday was International Women's Day! Hopefully you've had your fun looking at this amazing collection of GIFs, and have paid very close attention to the sobering and inspiring data wonderfully captured in this Miss Representation video + infographic. I thanked my lucky stars that I get to be involved with such an incredible and life-changing organization, and am happy to say that I'll be volunteering there a solid 3 days a week (at least until we move). I've worked for many nonprofits in my life and I have to say, none have felt as purposeful and impinging as this! I also feel that they are as grateful for me as I for them, and that's lovely, too.

Let's see, what other updates have I got for y'all?

  • we saw some dear friends off on their move from the Bay Area to Savannah, GA - bacon-wrapped meatballs were involved, and they were delicious
  • celebrated my mother's birthday in fancy box seats at the Golden Gate Fields race track, where we placed bets, sipped bourbon, and successfully smuggled in a decadent birthday cake - layers of vanilla chiffon with a fresh raspberry and cream filling, and cream cheese frosting!
  • enjoyed a delicious Brazilian supper at a post-holiday work party for M's company the night of the Oscars
  • finished reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, which we both hated immensely (and get to say as much at tonight's book club meeting!)

This weekend is full of fun stuff with out-of-towners! Tomorrow morning we're brunching with a group of dear friends in Jack London Square (remember when we used to live there?), and in the evening meeting up with a different set in the Mission for Humphrey-Slocombe ice cream, a bluegrass show and dinner at Tacolicious. We can't wait! Sunday will be spent, I'm sure, recovering from said shenanigans and lazily catching up on our real estate literature.

The clothes! Let's chat about that. I adore this sweater and it slipped right in with the whole tomboy femme thing I was going for. (This is as tomboy as I get, people, just go with it.) I snagged it at last month's clothing swap! Also, there are no words for how much I love my new Dooney & Bourke bag.

Sweater: Sag Harbor Private School Blazer: Thrifted Denim: Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren Riding Boots: Etienne Aigner Bag / Scarf: Dooney & Bourke / Gucci Pony Belt: Urban Outfitters Sunglasses: Vintage Watch: Michael Kors Necklace: Mariele Ivy

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! XOXO!