02-P2860948 Welcome to the Commonwealth Avenue Mall, or the "Comm Ave" Mall in Back Bay. This the Samuel Eliot Morison statue, but we ought to have walked down a bit more and taken a look the (newish) Boston Women's Memorial. It went up in 2003. This little greenway will take you right to the Public Garden if you let it.


Why, Samuel, what large feet you have.

This was a sobering Monday to face. I don't know what else to say about it. I've had my fill of senseless murder and destruction. I'm sure we all feel that way, alas.




These were taken just before the tattoopalooza on Labor Day weekend. It was warm but the weather warned of scattered showers, so I brought along my new BFF - the Long Field Jacket from J. Crew. Since I didn't own a trench jacket and the length and hood made it more practical, I swapped the shorter version for this one. The quality is a little different from the Downtown Field Jacket (which is to say, it isn't quite as well-made); the pockets aren't as snazzy, the buttons not as brassy, and the beautiful dark plaid flannel trim in the lining is gone altogether, which is really too bad, but like I said, practicality won out and it's still a great little outerwear option. The fact that you can cinch in the waist is very nice!


My (vegan) Urban Expressions bag from Crush Boutique on Newbury Street, and pirate ship tattoo from Tattly. The shirt dress is an oldie but goodie from Tommy Hilfiger. Also, what a nice bench. One thing I love unabashedly about Boston is how clean and well-kept the public parks and greenways and spaces are. At least the ones I've been to are all pleasant and fragrant and lovely. Sometimes M is wary of this or that part after dark, but it all seems fine to me, especially having spent as much of my life as I have on the mean streets of Oakland and SF. (I'm fully aware that there are dangerous areas here but we rarely seem to find ourselves in them. I digress.)


Vintage skinny leather belt from Bobby From Boston - worn to perfection and Levi's, of course!


Another Tattly design, this one a fanciful feathered friend by Stina Persson from Sweden!



And there you have it. In a day or two I'll have a post from our 5th wedding anniversary weekend! Spoiler alert: We're on a boat!

Hope you and your loved ones are all safe and out of harm's way this crisp autumn evening.