Shovels + Lye

dsc085261 dsc085631 dsc084982 dsc08579 dsc08616 When: Mon., Dec. 22nd, 2008.

What: Skinny pants from Laundry by Shelli Segal, sheer blouse by Guess, vintage leather jacket by Wilson's. Beret from H&M and boots by Restricted.

Scent: Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things & Very Sexy Dare. I really can't stand any of the scents that came in this coffret, I can't. It's almost painful just to test them, y'all. Let's start with Dare. It's citrus-y. It doesn't last long, so the fact that it succumbs to the middle and lower notes on the dry down is moot. It gets chocolate-y for a second, too. Top notes: bergamot, blood orange, pineapple juice, tamarind nectar, hazelnut leaf. So, basically, VS is daring me to what? Not get a migraine with their perfume on?

Sexy Little Things and/or Ooh La La is more like choke, choke, cough. Seriously. You know how some people come on really strong and then when you don't retreat or back down, they suddenly wuss out or start backing away whimpering, tail between their legs? That's what these both are. It's very unfortunate.

Confession: I love this leather jacket. I've had it for years. It's tiny and very tight. I love that the sides cinch with little leather tabs that slide through silver buckles, and that the pockets are just tiny slits, and the zippers at each snug wrist. I love that it's got green paint on the shoulder that won't come off, from the time M & I helped a friend paint her foyer. I love that it's never been washed and I abuse it constantly - throwing it everywhere, rubbing it up against concrete pillars, tossing it on the filthy ground so I can sit on it, shoving it into small, dark spaces instead of actually hanging it up - it's like the more disgusting it gets, the more I love it. It's definitely SBJ-proof. I'll cry if it ever gets lost.