shiny-sat Confession: I first noticed this poster months ago, right after we elected Obama, I think. It's stuck onto the front of a massive electrical unit, which hums rather loudly despite the fact that the 880 is a few yards away. I knew I wanted it as a focal point for a blog post but it just didn't want to happen. Until today! I don't know, I love it. I love that it's red, white and blue, I love that it says DONE, I love that it's got that SOB's face on it and that the words "shining beacon of hope" are tucked into the lower right corner, for one to interpret however they best wish. I hope that I am posting this before the message is too obsolete, though I don't think - as a person, a woman and a mother, a lesbian, nor for the country as a whole - that it can ever truly be obsolete at all. What do y'all think? Any similarly awesome political street art in your 'hoods?

Scent: These are so fancy and awesome that I'm writing them up instead of a new fragrance. They are candles and they smell incredible. I wanted Stonehenge (smoked cedarwood and amber), which was much more handsome and gentleman's parlor, but M picked Havana, which would have been my second choice - for the tobacco leaf and bergamot notes. They are potent but not overpowering, pretty to look at and eco-friendly (I think). Get your own Archipelago goodies here!