Shark, Surf, Sun

November. A new month. Nine weeks left in the year. The headlong plunge into another holiday season, and when I think it might be our last here for awhile...well, the pressure's on. Which of course means the only way to guarantee a lovely wrap to the year is to totally let go and come what may, isn't it?

I describe this beach-friendly look of the tomboy's as "good old American beachy good times fella". Just rolling up all the sleeves and all the cuffs and squinting into the horizon, plucking all the gross stuff out of the sea (and/or putting it on top of your head).

It's an odd thing to be filled with longing for something even as your toes are warming in the sand of it, and when that happens I just look at M's infectious grin and imagine us exploring the Cape the same we do here on our own (home) coast, and then I'm calm again. Did you know that you can't take driftwood of our own damn beaches? Pfft.

The tide seemed to be going out, creating this intricate pattern of veins in the sand. The waved moved strangely, too, coming from all directions and crashing together from opposite directions. You could be standing in the water looking straight out west and have waves coming at you from either side and of course from the front. It's probably got to do with the tiny, uneven sandbars scattered about. In some spots the water was barely an inch deep, and the next step you took would land you in a spot with it up to your knees! Odd little beach.

I hate seaweed so much! M yanked this out and decided to fashion a sort of lasso out of it. Too bad there were no sea calves around for wrassling. She was so intent on finding a crab that she gleefully picked up dozens of their carcasses and was very disappointed when they were dead, dead, dead, guts trailing around - so gross! She also found this curious sea palm tree looking thing.

Nitty gritty: Levi's jeans, FYASKO plaid shirt, H&M sweater with elbow patches.

She's SO ANGRY that I might get to see a shark at Rip Curl Pro this week, if I go to the beach without her. It's a super huge surfing competition something or other happening at Ocean Beach, and it's likely just a rumor, but there was a lot of buzz about a shark sighting this morning. It goes through the 12th, so if you're around you should pop by, and maybe we'll see you there this weekend (as I am sure M will want to do nothing other than try to catch up to my pretty, pretty tan).