Shark Bite

3-P2840047 Day 22: "Flat espadrilles can look a little too precious, so we like balancing it out with an oversized T-shirt dress."

First of all, tsk-tsk to R29 for the typo in that sentence - it originally had balancing spelled balencing. Sometimes I really wish they'd hire me because typos like that happen much too regularly for my taste. Glossybox, too, especially in their little monthly magazines.


Secondly, I had to skip Day 21. Two skips in one week! (Terrible, but only nine more to go.) Not only did it call for pants, it called for a dress (or tunic) to be worn over said pants.News flash: We live in New England now (see above), and that is clearly a SF outfit for those foggy, chilly summer days where you have to layer up as if it were mid-November. Brr! Here it's too hot for all that.


Lo and behold, a peek into my closet revealed that an oversized T-shirt dress is not a thing this girl owns.

What else have we discovered like that from this challenge so far? Turns out I haven't got:

  • patterned slip-ons, like a pair of Vans
  • sneakers that aren't meant to be worn to the gym or on a run
  • a beautiful sheer skirt
  • long pleated shorts
  • short-alls
  • a "quirky" romper
  • an embellished tee
  • a two-tone vest
  • a pair of creepers (which I now know you can buy at Topshop)


I have to say, aside from the skirt, I can't say I'm longing to get any of these items into my wardrobe anytime soon. I'm a little bit beyond negotiating restrooms in a romper although they are awfully cute on some folks, and I have plenty of rad tees I can embellish myself with one of the handfuls of statement necklaces or detachable collars I own.


So for this outfit, I took my excellent distressed shark t-shirt from Zara, knotted it instead of doing a half-tuck, and paired it with this Kieran Dallison pleated jersey wrap-front skirt. The skirt is insanely soft and easy to wear. I added a denim vest to balance out the J. Crew pearls, and a polka dot shoulder bag and mixed-metal cuffs from Madewell. I stole my kid's surfing magazines (she's obsessed with surf + skate culture now) because SHARKS. I had a theme going!


Love OPI Liquid Sand nail polishes, but only the glitter kind. It makes it extra gritty and adds dimension you just don't get from the sheer or micro-glitter shades. This one is Get Your Number, I think, but Can't Let Go is a deep, vibrant purple I love as well. I want to find Jinx, a sizzling poppy-coral glitter.


For the espadrilles, I own two pairs and neither is exactly flat, so I picked the lowest ones - a sort of sporty Tommy Hilfiger pair with a mini-wedge.


Lastly, this is my new favorite summer pony. Just give your crown a little tease or pin back the front like I did, and messily fishtail braid the pony, with the option of tucking the ends into the hair tie at the bottom. It'd look even more polished if it were wrapped at the base, but I wanted mine to be kind of sporty and lived-in for this outfit. Perfect for hot days.

Next up is a post from the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park! Stay tuned.