Seven Years of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving morning, everyone! Take a look at that, four years of Thanksgivings as documented on FFAF!

As is our tradition every year, the cocktail du jour (our spiced pear sangria de cava from past years) has been working its magic overnight, the pumpkin cheesecake is chilling in the fridge, and we're once again extremely grateful for all of the health, love and happiness in our lives. (And of course for our newest addition, little baby bearcat Gunner.)

This is actually our 7th Thanksgiving together. Our first was an epic road trip to see the Grand Canyon, where we gave up turkey for road food (I think I had spaghetti that day) and priceless views of one of the world's greatest wonders. The next three years saw us in California's wine country with my family; all dusty, narrow rural roads winding through Alexander Valley, and our annual pre-meal walk to see the Russian River through pretty vineyards still spotted with overripe grapes. Sometimes it would be the only time all year we'd see one another, but it always felt like being home, in a way. In 2009, we all trekked to grandmother's house in the city proper, right smack between Ashbury Heights and Twin Peaks. The two after that were at my mother's house in the suburbs of San Francisco, cozy and warm and chaotic in the way all of those cheesy but strangely accurate family-themed holiday movies.

And now here we are - very, very far from the rich and wonderful past we've shared in the new home we're building for ourselves, making our first Thanksgiving meal from scratch (though not without my mother's guiding hand from a distance). Wish us luck! I was so excited I dressed the table last night almost completely. In my mind, it'll become a lovely family template crafted from a little bit of every Thanksgiving we've spent together, and then some.

Hope you all have a beautiful day, however you choose to spend it!

Lots of love, FFAF

PS. Will you be in New England next week? Come out to one or both events being hosted by the stylish folks at Qwear in Boston! I'll be at both - with tomboy in tow - and would love to see you there! Besides, who turns down an evening of bow ties and ice cream (at JP Licks in Jamaica Plain) or an excuse to dress up for cocktails in Cambridge?! Go RSVP on Facebook!