Santa Cruz

Fun times at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with the tomboy! I've been coming here with my family since I was a wee tot waddling around in a ruffled swimsuit. Once all grown up, I was often down here on weekends with the petite on my hip, hanging out with my BFF (she went to UCSC). After the tomboy and I met, we'd hit up the beach during the summer for an annual party thrown by some of her friends, so it's been a lifetime of shenanigans, really, right here on this sandy shore.

If we seem awfully dressed up for the beach, it's because we made an impromptu, post-wedding trip on the way home. A nice walk on the beach turned into M pulling me through the incredibly strong current of a miniature inlet to get to this craggy rock, followed by popcorn and churros and tickets to go on the immensely creepy Haunted Castle ride and I'm sure I'm forgetting something else. It was so much fun!

I love that M just rolled up her fancy pants to have at the waves. It was such a beautiful, early evening! From the roller coasters and carnival games to cotton candy and funnel cakes, it's one of those wonderful places that never, ever seems to change.

This is my frilly Tibi dress, paired with a vintage belt and Seychelles platform sandals. The necklace and earrings set belonged to my grandmother and was given to me by my mother for Christmas last year. Same old Ray-Bans.

The tomboy is wearing Ben Sherman corduroy slacks, a Nautica dress shirt and Rooster bow tie. She's wearing Aldo sunglasses, too.

(These were all taken with our cell phones, hence the so-so quality, but the photo below is my favorite!)

Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend!