GOOD GRIEF. All weekend long it seemed like the entire San Francisco Bay Area was basking in the gorgeous winter sunshine. People went to the beach, sunned in the park, had BBQs. Typical wintertime on the West Coast, as evidenced here and here. I spent Sunday in a paper thin cotton sundress and vintage YSL heels. It was eighty degrees in our house. I eyeballed our swimming pool hungrily, but had a houseful of guests coming for our belated housewarming / SB XLV party, and silently vowed to take a dip this week if the temps rose again.

The warmth is long gone and we're back to crisp blue skies and a constant wind with bite. I went to the Ferry Building today and out there on the water the wind is so bad it almost blew my dress right off!

But the cherry blossom trees are ablaze. Ours seemed to bloom fully overnight, as you can see. I've trimmed off the lighter branches and put them into vases to brighten things up in our home. Even though the petals shed like crazy, they're so beautiful. All told, I've got the pink branches, bright yellow, freshly cut daffodils and soft, live lavender in the house. Spring fever has crept in early.

I wanted to thank you for your suggestions in my last post! I will definitely be checking out your recommendations and reporting back.

I'm also planning to improve on the indexing here so that folks can find what they're looking for a little more easily - we contributed to Autostraddle's recent post in their new series "Queer Beauty Bar" on smelling good and I realized that there's no way to hunt down all of my scent / fragrance reviews! Terrible!

Look, you definitely want to go to there:

I am LOVING what Alex has done with the site and hope to contribute more to this Queer Beauty Bar series in the future!

So, this ensemble!

I thrifted this dress, it's very comfortable. The wind does funny things with it, but it also just falls nicely and is perfect for these not-quite-warm, not-quite-cold days. I paired it with some ribbed tights and the boots I picked up in Portland at Rock 'n Rose. You've seen this Freebird by The Sak + Dollywood fox tail combination a million times, I feel.

I keep getting asked about it and complimented on it everywhere I go, more lately than ever before, and I just don't know what it is! Often, they'll ask me where I got such a beaut, and you should see the utterly crushed look on their faces when I confess that it's from Dollywood, yes, DollywoodallthewayoutinTennessee. So sad. It breaks my heart.

I love this picture the very talented photographer Keep Drowning took of it at a party M & I were at recently:

(Photos courtesy of Keep Drowning, obviously.)

Yes, those are my very excellent Calvin Klein suede and patent leather cut-out pumps.

Anyway, very cool photos. Y'all should hire that person, because I had no idea these were even taken and I'm in love with the smoky, boozy, candid haze they capture!