Rooftop Ride

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Last week's awe-inspiring Blood Eclipse Retrograde Nightmare Moon Deluxe™ left quite a cosmic wake. More about that in a little minute. I can't be the only one experiencing growing trust issues with Susan Miller, or grappling with this crazy month.

Did you know that I'm an Aries? Well, I am.  The zodiac's mindless headbanger. Harumph.



October 10th was supposed to be a dream, according to dear Miller. A golden, gorgeous, champagne dream of a day, behold:

October 10 brings one of the happiest days of the month...By October 10, a golden triangle will click into place in the sky and help you will adore October 10...Mars will be in the best possible angle to Jupiter, also October 10, a blessing that will color the effects of the eclipse in a very upbeat way...One of your most fortunate days of the month: October 10, when Jupiter and the Sun will collaborate on your behalf and Mars will be in the right angle to help you too. 


"Hey, can you see any golden triangles from there?! Not yet? OK, cool."



The true story is that on October 10, 2014, our trusty nine-year-old Pontiac Vibe - the one with the gay Obama bumper sticker, the one still proudly repping Oakland after a cross-country trek with two foul dog-beasts panting in 100-degree heat the entire way, the one that often smells like a barn, the one we planned to hand down to the petite (who finished driver's ed recently and is starting behind-the-wheel lessons soon) when she was at long last a licensed driver, the one we paid off ages ago - was felled by a Masshole. With us in it! 

The infamous Massachusetts Left. The driver was cited for failing to yield (we had the green light). The car is quite possibly totaled, and we were shaken up pretty good in the process. Thankfully we're both okay, and triple-thankfully the kiddo wasn't in the car to experience the whole thing. (We were on our way to pick her up from a friend's house!)


11-Twilight Pash


Now we have a rental, a police report, and are cleared of injuries, but waiting to see what the verdict is on the car. Not only did the accident dismantle October 10's golden triangle on a Friday night, it hosed our 3-day weekend! VERY RUDE!

Looking on the bright side (beyond being safe and sound, which is The Most Important), we finally booked our holiday vacation, my tender colleagues did actual happy dances when I got back into the office today, and life in general is swimming along prettily on all fronts. We're jumping in headfirst to all this college planning with the petite, which is overwhelming and so exciting, albeit bittersweet. (Honestly, bittersweet doesn't do it justice - the feeling is unimaginably beautiful and devastating.)



I'll leave you with this last little gem. It landed on my screen earlier tonight, and completely turned my week right-side up!

I just wanted to say how much I love reading and looking at FFAF! There are days when I just need to get through the day and be ok or I'm feeling super lonely, it makes me feel less alone reading your lovely blog and it's so inspiring. Thanks for being a positive femme voice!

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