Romance is in the hair...

This is a departure from my usual posts, but I'm so excited about this fancy new updo and wanted to share it with you as soon as possible! You can watch the original video for a how-to here (which is where I learned about it first), but I'll break down the steps and add a few notes in case you want to try it out yourself.

I totally cheat when I make fishtail braids. For this style, I finger-combed and gathered my hair into a low side ponytail, and loosely secured it with a regular-sized hair band. I braided the fishtail, secured the end with a tiny elastic, then carefully slipped off the hair band from the base of the fishtail - it just makes it easier to braid! Also, I'm never too neat about braiding, since it tends to look better when it's a little undone - you can always gently pull and tug at different sections of the braid once you're done to get it just right.

Folks with shorter hair can probably just twist the braid under and tuck the ends away using pins. Mine's on the longer side, so I twisted it over itself and then back under, tucking in the ends with pins - I use Bunheads pins because they are amazing at creating incredibly secure hairstyles while staying so well-hidden - they come in different colors to match your hair shade!

Another method, as shown in the video I linked to, uses a regular bobby pin - just bend the tips to make the pin look like a fishhook (or an IUD, whatever)! Slip it through the tiny elastic holding your braid together, and then twist the end up and under into the base of the braid. The modified bobby pin will anchor those ends and you can simply clean up and loose strands with a few more bobby pins.

I've tried both methods and they work equally well!

Voila, that's it! Two quick steps to create a really effortless, elegant look (don't forget to add a spritz or two of finishing or hair spray). Add a headband, like I did, or use a flower or sparkly clip to accent the updo. Just leave it plain if you want the focus elsewhere - on a pair of gorgeous, sparkly earrings or your neckline, etc.  Maybe it's the perfect thing to accessorize with for Valentine's Day!

Hope you try it out and love the results...