Rocks & Ivy

1-P2820750 Wow, I titled this post for obvious reasons and now it kind of sounds like a butch/femme Harlequin novel or something.

2-Day 20-001

Questions: How is it Thursday already? Will my heart be able to take this cats-in-a-circus thing tonight? What should I order at Highland Kitchen for pre-kitten dinner with pals? Where in NYC will we be resting our pretty little heads this weekend? Will the new petsitter be alright with our brood of fanged beasts? Why does today feel like early November (or any given day of the year, really, back home)? IT'S A LOT, YOU GUYS.

5-Day 20

Let's move on. We're a bit out of order because yesterday I was like, "R29, you want me to wear a SWEATSHIRT? Have you seen the weather? You're on crack." So I skipped a day ahead to this outfitDay 20: "Dress up sneakers with a slick skirt and a Breton top."


Guess what? I just bought a pair - my only pair - of actual sneakers like a month ago, so this fashionable wedge sneaker thing? No, that's not happening. You do you and all, but if I'm going to purchase a pair of shoes they are not going to be high-heeled sneakers, I don't care how you spin it. And I'm not wearing a bloody baseball cap, either. (Not that pictured jumping model doesn't look cute, but I can only take this thing so far.)



Not even if they gave out Red Sox wedge-sneaker-things and hats for free would I wear this to, say, a baseball game. Sorry, not sorry. Someone should, though.

What I am wearing is a very slick patterned mini from H&M with a Zara striped top in organic cotton, and a tri-color statement necklace, also from Zara. My earrings, which are mostly hidden by my unruly mane, are vintage. Just orange and silver drop beauties. The shoes are suede Aldo Mireldee mini-wedges, which are the perfect thing to wear when I'm on my feet a lot with clients! Super comfortable. The striped bracelet is from hardcore New Englander Kiel James Patrick.


I am in desperate need of a fresh gloss and perhaps the quietest little whisper trim, but am having trouble picking out a new salon. Shag was awesome, and they did a good job, but I want to give someone closer - JP or Back Bay, maybe - the chance to really wow me.


Locals, enjoy this super cool and refreshing day!