Riverside Femme

Sometimes when you are femme, it's nice to just frolic in a meadow with your baby puppy (who is actually not very small after all) and your handsome tomboy (who is very strapping with a big black hunting knife and rum), with all the magical light coming through the trees, listening to the river making its way toward the Pacific Ocean. If you are very still, the sun will kiss your forehead. Also, you will have to take off your very stylish sunglasses.


Other times it is nice put your sunglasses back on and stomp around on the rocks, feeling very glad that you did not wear your brand new, super sexy, patent leather, cone heel nudie girl shoes. They might have been ruined on that slightly treacherous path. The wind can lift up the hem of your skirt just so - nothing indecent, just an old-fashioned hint of above-the-knee goodness - and sweep your shiny, shiny tresses back from your face. It feels good!

When you get back to your little cabin, the one with the wraparound porch just like you want on your future house, you will put those damn heels right back on. The tomboy's eyebrows will probably swoop down with disapproval and tsk-tsk you, and because you are femme you'll say, "So what!?" and sit up on the railing to swing your legs and wonder what to do next.

You've already crossed all the bridges and strolled through all the orchards, you've already frolicked in the meadow with your not-so-small baby puppy and stomped the rocks and felt how cold the river is. You might consider painting your toenails because you didn't have time to before you left, but you'll realize suddenly that you are FAMISHED, and decide instead to eat a pizza called Pride of Petaluma, made with a special white sauce, oven roasted chicken, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes, but only after devouring an entire basket of insanely hot garlic bread. Delicious.

You'll never actually get around to those toes, but you'll have had a really tender and adventuresome Mother's Day weekend!


Credits: Cotton eyelet dress, Ruby Rox Cropped denim jacket, True Beauty Embellished sandals, Madden Girl Sunglasses, Elle Rhinestone lips pin, Vintage Nude heels, Madden Girl

All photos taken at Dawn Ranch Lodge on the Russian River in Guerneville, CA