Ringing in the gay.

dsc09363 dsc09332 dsc09421 dsc09420 dsc09430 When: First day of the new year, 2009.

What: Dreamy Sonic Youth canvas tote from a show of theirs in the early 2000s, M's captain hat, rust cotton t-shirt from Michael Stars, black wool sweater with holy stripes from some aspiring local designer I did a shoot for forever ancient history ago, skinny jeans from Zara, over-the-knee black Italian leather boots from Lamica.

Scent: I foolishly felt that I was on a roll with masculine scents, so I gave Parfum d'Orsay's Le Dandy Pour Homme a whirl. I felt thrown abruptly back into ye ole straight days, suffocated by some clingy, insufferable male. (Is that awful? So.) The notes are described as "tobacco flower, whiskey, a heart of spice with ginger, and lower notes of wood and balsam." It made me want to hurl a teacup at somebody!

I'm sure it would be delicious on M, however, and it was boozy but ultimately I wanted to scrub it off right away. Perhaps I'll have her try it on tomorrow and she can co-author a second review! 41jj8nr8d8l_sl500_aa280_ Confession: I hope everyone had a fantastical night last night! Happy New Year, my delightful readers! The tomboy and I stayed in and kept a stream of appetizers going through the night and an even steadier stream of cava cocktails flowing, and had a lesbian-themed movie night marathon. Also, I made an amazing dinner tonight! I'm quite pleased with myself. It took FOREVER. It was just a classic baked chicken recipe that I kicked up a notch with paprika and onions, and it came out perfectly juicy, with just crispy enough, golden brown skin. We seasoned baby Yukon gold potatoes with garlic-infused olive oil, sea salt and pepper to throw in the oven, and I used the drippings from the chicken to make a Chilean white wine gravy reduction. M never eats any sort of gravy and she loved the one I made tonight. My resolutions are writing themselves, it seems.