Reindeer Games

Welcome back, kittens! I hope everyone's holidays were delightful and cozy! We're still recovering from ours, but how fantastic it's all been. My mother had nearly two dozen folks celebrating Christmas at her place, so it was a boisterous and jolly and very merry day. We played my mom's annual round of "reindeer games" - there are prizes! - opened presents, and had a festive Christmas meal at her beautifully set table. I was tickled pink to see that my stepfather added a toy train set around the small vintage tree they keep in the living room (the real tree is in the big family room) - its adorned with all of my grandmother's old ornaments and family photos. We stayed 'til nearly midnight and slept like babes.

The petite doesn't go back to school until January 9th, but will be spending the long weekend at Grandma's house, so the tomboy and I will have a nice long weekend to ourselves, too. What are your New Year's Eve plans?

M & I found this little park by the library, and this was just a cozy little outfit I had on for running errands (and obviously with very little makeup on). The denim skinnies are Silence + Noise, and I layered an RVCA collared shirt under a little boy's sweater from H&M. I love the colors! The little red satchel is from Target and my suede pumps are Franco Sarto. I popped by Ray Bans on, as well as my thorny Swarovski cuff from Made Her Think. That's it!

Here are a few random shots I like from Christmas, enjoy!