Regatta on the Charles

01-P2860152 Hey! It's the cheeky regatta shorts from J. Crew, making an appearance with a little boys' Ralph Lauren oxford shirt and Vince Camuto pumps in nude snakeskin. Simple stud earrings and a wrapped pony to keep things simple - after all, we were only taking a casual Sunday stroll along the river. The magical red lip is courtesy of Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Always Red.



It was an overcast day but still very hot out. We were treated to lots of bright, lush greens with splashes of yellow and violet (you'll see below) on our walk, as well as herons and other waterfowl at the dam and huge swarms of turtles ranging from very tiny to as big around as if I stretched my arms out into a circle! Adorable! We think we spotted a very large frog or toad but it didn't seem to move or startle at all - what if it was a ceramic or toy frog someone put on the riverbank as a joke?! I guess we'll find out if it's still there next time...


The bestie and I having a little rest. I still can't quite get my head around the fact that we've been friends for 20 years. It's astonishing! Time is astonishing and relentless (until it isn't, of course, but I'm glad and lucky I haven't felt that particular sting recently).




Look at those amazing pops of color! This view was from a little wooden dock just like the one off in the distance on the other side of the Charles.

08-Charles FFAF-001

I love this pattern so much I snagged the bikini top in the same print to add to the shorts and tank. No more, I promise!


10-Charles FFAF

M found this "urban angler" carving in the dock's railing, which is pretty hilarious considering she refers to herself as an extreme angler often. She's got on her trusty navy boat shoes, Penguin shorts and a Banana Republic shirt.


Signing off with another loverbird photo...but before I go, did you see the post Autostraddle put up earlier this week on Labor Day party style? It highlights an outfit from FFAF, and you should check it out! She/Seek also featured FFAF in a post on adding some edge to femme style, and you can find that here. We had some excellent news from the IRS today, heard the new Julie Ruin album yesterday on NPR's First Listen, and got the warmest warm fuzzies ever from the new Mary Lambert video, She Keeps Me Warm.

That ought to tide you over for a hot minute! Any good Labor Day weekend plans? Ours involves the Boston Tattoo Convention!