Red & Gold

01-P2900273 Oops, accidental San Francisco 49ers reference. Oh, well, let's run with it! I'm all better from last week's nasty cold, and so far it's been a great week. I've got a riding lesson Thursday and the ride I thought I missed out on at Great Brook is rescheduled for Sunday! All is well in Joneseyland.

I think I'll even take M out on a date Thursday night. Shh, she doesn't know!


Let's hope there's some foliage left! Driving around Wellesley and Lexington and Bedford earlier today, everything's that bleak, powdery rust color, or shades of it, brittle to the bone and leaving naked, greyish-white branches alone to fill the skyline. Where grass was last week at the barn, a thick layer of crispy gold leaves has positively covered every inch this week. We pulled the electric blanket out last night and it was heaven. It also makes it next to impossible to get out of bed in the morning.


More than that, even.


I love this park. We stumbled upon it on the way home from seeing Gravity the weekend before last (it's amazing, have you seen it? you must!), and I can't remember its name, but we know how to get back there. I can't even imagine how pretty it'll be in the snow!




Riding boots: Juicy Couture Skirt: H&M Sweatshirt: J. Crew Field jacket: J. Crew

These socks are knee-high cashmere, buttery soft and so, so warm.




The girls at Madewell thought my necklace was "vintage" Madewell, by which perhaps they meant the denim company it's modeled after? Did they make jewelry? Who knows, but the truth is it's from Jewelmint! I love it. A perfect neutral piece to add some interest and edge to simple tops and dresses. My geometric mixed-metal charm bracelet is from Madewell, however, and it's perfect next to my mixed-metal Bulova watch!

Since losing my third pair of Ray-Bans (first in Lake Anza in Berkeley, second in the Atlantic off Cape Canaveral, third out on the trails on horseback last week), I've decided we needed a…break. Apparently, I live life with a little too much zeal for Ray-Bans. They cannot possibly keep up with me, and I cannot possibly keep buying a new pair every year knowing they'll end up on an ocean floor or buried under a foot of mud in a forest, so that's that for a little while. In the meantime, this honey-colored pair, also from Madewell, will do just fine.


What's better than a good twirl in 84,000 autumn leaves?

You tell me.