01-P2640574 02-P2640633 Ah, Maine. I never did get around to posting these after our trip last fall, but why not now? We are still as fond of it as ever, and I hope it's the first of many little trips north in the future. (M has promised to take me horseback riding on the beach there! Cold, salty, fisherman-sweater-and-Scotland-wool horseback riding. I can't wait.) Above are two examples of classic lighthouses in the Portland area, the first is the Portland Observatory and the second is the Portland Head Light at Cape Elizabeth, which is completely and utterly gorgeous, despite being a wee bit tourist-y. So is the Golden Gate Bridge, but that doesn't diminish its beauty one whit.


To date, this is one of my absolute favorite photos of M. She's always happy as a clam seaside, foraging for gross dead stuff, pushing enormous logs into the crashing waves, scaling rocks and breathing salty air, and she is rarely ever properly dressed for such activities. Look at her! She looks amazing, giddy and mischievousness, wild ocean roiling around menacingly in the backdrop, with a stance in the shape of an invitation and a dare. In those boots!




Looking out from the lighthouse. Great slabs of rock. Black and white paint hinting at local Christmas Eve legend - terrific! You can think about how it was first lit in 1791, and you can feel, for one crazy second, like clinging to it for dear life. I still get butterflies when I think about this day!


So, the Portland Head Light is located at Fort Williams Park, comprised of 90 acres containing several historic sites. The crumbling ruins of Goddard Mansion are among them, and they're very beautiful. In all my years of hopping fences in high heels, I can tell you that they actually give you kind of an edge in terms of grip and security. These boots were slippery as hell and M had very specific ideas about how high up I needed to be (and she acts like I'm the incorrigible one).






We can talk about outfits! I've got on a vintage silk camp shirt with the Skinny Trouser from Max Studio, which are the perfect compromise between pants with a capital P and leggings. I layered a super tailored All Saints vest over it, an H&M coat over that and added a Dooney & Bourke bag and my beloved gold pony leg charm necklace and bracelet set by Low Luv by Erin Wasson. I've got on my battered horse head Asos watch as well, though you can scarcely see it.

M's trousers are from Zara, she picked up that cardigan at Joseph's, an excellent men's store in Portland proper, and has on Mark Nason boots.



Splash! Next up, an itty bitty antique train and the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum...



PS. Today I saw an article at ye olde Globe naming Portland, Maine as a "mini-moon" destination - and I couldn't agree more! Check it out here.