Qwear x FFAF: The Path to Perfect Tresses

1-Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 2.09.27 PM.png Just in time for Thanksgivukkah, friends! Head on over to Qwear to get some tips and guidance on making the most of that mop on top of your head. Links to tutorials and how-tos included. Make sure to check out parts one and two if you haven't yet, too.

Enjoy the long, lovely holiday weekend. We're hosting and it's bound to be a cozy, gorgeous, wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I've managed to sneak in a few Bay Area-based touches - the 15-lb. free-range turkey is waiting for its breast-down Anchor Brewing Company Liberty Ale beer bath and many rounds of basting*, and our cocktail du jour will be the tried-and-tested Hangar One Spiced Pear vodka sangria de cava we've made before.

It won't stop me missing the perfection of a Thanksgiving back home at my mom's house, but it'll be nice to have some familiar notes. As always, the pumpkin cheesecake is going into the oven later this afternoon, and our dear friends are contributing some dishes as well - pumpkin pie, yams and deviled eggs! Everyone's so excited!


Also, remember what a teeny tiny peahead Gunny was last Thanksgiving!? THE TINIEST! Yay.


*In a home taste test of a bottle of champagne vs. a few pints of beer, the beer won handily when it comes to roasting a turkey. Who knew?!