We're back, we're back! It's true, we nearly made an offer on a Boston home before hopping onto our flight back home, but here we are. Home sweet home.

I've been putting more effort into building a wardrobe of staples that can be thrown on in a worry-free hurry in the mornings. It's tempting to always wear dresses - they always look like you've put more thought into getting dressed, and it isn't hard to add a belt or necklace and a blazer to create a perfect look - but it feels more sophisticated to have the freedom to assemble a smart outfit no matter what the pieces are.

Since I woke up jet lagged and fell a bit behind schedule (thank heavens we showered the night before), I couldn't spend a long time in my closet and I wanted to be comfortable. When I spied this ultra-soft striped top on its hanger, I reached for a black pencil skirt and plain black pumps, and added the braided belt for some extra texture and color. A chic little ensemble in two short minutes! I don't actually wear my Evo on my belt like that, I just wanted to show off how awesomely matched it was to my belt.

See the sweet silver infinity necklace below? That was the precious 31st birthday gift from my very best friend - we've known one another since the 7th grade!

We managed to do a spot of shopping in old Beantown. We were just around the corner from luxe Newbury Street (where I got my first ever gel mani/pedi - AMAZING), and our friends insisted on a trip to Cambridge's very impressive thrifting wonderland, The Garment District. There just wasn't enough time to sample the boutiques and secondhand gems in Jamaica Plain while we were there, but all the more reason for a return trip. We're hoping for a long weekend in the Fall, just in time for prime leaf peeping season!

I'll be sure to let you know when I post on the items we got during our travels...

Skirt: Gap Shirt: Kersh Essentials Belt: Thrifted Pumps: Charles David Loverbird Bag: H&M