Quechee Gorge

P2730003 Let's have one last look at the grand old Woodstock Inn & Resort, because I don't think I shared it in the previous post. Such a beaut, and I bet even prettier in the full bloom of spring, in the fall with the branches just bursting with fiery leaves, or blanketed in snow! Turns out our good friends love Woodstock as well, so I think we might have to make a return trip within the year!

P2730079 Quechee Femme-002

Speaking of snow, two weeks ago there was still plenty to be found on the ground throughout New Hampshire and Vermont. On river banks, strewn through little patches of forest like this one, and many ponds and lakes still fully or partially frozen over! It was surprising because all traces of ours have melted away, even if our temps aren't quite spring-like yet.

It was nice enough out to get away with layering a leather over a maxi dress and platform sandals, despite how it looks. Honest!


Look at that beautiful green! Like a cool, soothing sea or Persian green. It's the Ottauquechee River just past the dam and under the covered bridge, which sounds horribly, unbelievably picturesque, and absolutely is, and so striking against the stark grey tones of big river rock. We couldn't believe our luck stumbling across it. If you ever are in the area, you must have a meal overlooking the damn, perched above the river at the Parker House Inn & Bistro. Heck, try staying there a night!

Quechee FemmeP2730171

I am in love with this eyeshadow from the surprisingly fantastic Geek Chic Cosmetics, who make cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, vegan, totally original, totally nerdy, totally pretty makeup products. This shadow is called Sexy in Suspenders, and is aptly described as a "pale, fawny satin with a bright, unlikely blue highlight and choc full of blue and purple sparkles." It's really quite stunning, actually, and I love how complex their shadows are.

Trust me when I say this is a very conservative color - check out Daemoniac and Yes, Sir, for instance:


They offer generous samples for next to nothing and it's a wonderful way to play around with what they've got to offer - which is a lot! At $5.99 a pop for their full-sized shadows, it's definitely a steal.


My favorite new cuffs from Madewell - had to grab 'em both in silver and gold, maybe it's because I used to be a girl scout. The little dainty bow ring is Madewell also, skulls from Brandy Melville (which I only learned of through my kid, who knew?) and a few other vintage rings. My necklaces are both from local artists - Oakland and London, respectively - Mariele Ivy and Galibardy.



This maxi dress from The Addison Story is so special, I think. I fell in love with the deep indigo blue and was so pleasantly surprised by the contrasting lining underneath (and on the straps) in a rich brown. It moves beautifully, it's comfortable, and can easily go from relaxed day to a more glamorous nighttime look as it warms up. I can't wait to pair it with a pretty flower crown and sparkles!

The Seychelles sandals, Duro Olowu from JCP tote, and Zara leather jacket were easy pieces to pull together for a fun weekend look.

P2730300Quechee Femme-003P2730348Quechee Femme-004

And there you have it. This is how we do woodsy, folks. On that note, I'm trying to talk a small group of us into renting a rustic waterfront cabin in Vermont sometime; it's definitely going on the list! Our current vacation conundrum (and yes, I realize it's a very nice problem to have) is whether or not an island getaway is preferable to a nice long sojourn at Cape Cod this summer. And god help us, but the tomboy was back to her old tricks, eyeballing Portugal sabbaticals.

We still need road trips to DC, Providence, Philly, NYC and Connecticut! (New England, you are beautiful and overwhelming; it'll take us years to fully explore your every nook and cranny). Nice problems to have, indeed.

Last but not least - the Quechee Gorge!



Pretty stunning! This'll be our first official Patriots' Day + Marathon Monday together here in New England. I was here for it last year but was so immersed in house-hunting I scarcely noticed.

More to come soon, sweet readers. 'Til then.