Put a bird on it.

If you haven't seen Portlandia yet, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! It's hilarious, Carrie Brownstein is super hot and depicts every possible sort of Portlander stereotype known to man (many of which are surprisingly universal, really), and it's got some of the best cameos ever known.

Our favorite skit so far is Harajuku Girls, but today's post is named after a skit called Put A Bird On It for rather obvious reasons. Both the cardigan and bag are from H&M, and blatant feathered copycats of Miu Miu's kittenish SS10 action, but as I had zero self-control on the night I happened into the store a week or two back, I yanked both off the racks and haven't looked back since.

This time, I paired it with some simple black RVCA trousers, my sparkly Gap flats and a soft, ballet pink camisole (also from H&M) for a relaxed weekend day outfit for running errands and lounging around.

M sent me into the tree in our backyard for these. The sun was just about to set over the hills and a chill was coming down on the relatively warm day, and we were both still sniffling and weary from our twin colds, but we toughed it out. I am wearing Zoya's Elodie on my nails again - it's the perfect color for cheering up on a gloomy day or when you're feeling down - this time with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat (claims to dry in 30 seconds with a high shine gloss and does exactly that).

In the spirit of all things birdie, here are some pictures our dear friend and dogsitter took while we were out of town. Bird is looking appropriately despondent at having been left behind, and Chipotle looks...well, he's just the same crazy goddamn dingo bastard as ever. Enjoy!