Purple Rain

01-Purple Bird Mugginess returned today with a wallop, along with a spot or two of rain. It was kind of brutal to wear even this tissue-thin, vintage jacket, but I cranked up the A/C and we did a quick little shoot in the upstairs hallway. After this post, there are still five outfits to go in the R29 challenge, but I'm skipping bermuda shorts (sorry, haven't got any) and the pairing a knee-length skirt with a "fun" sweatshirt because HI, IT'S SUMMER. Sweatshirts are a no-go, but let's revisit when things cool down, shall we?



Day 27: "A short dress can look more pulled together if you wear a boxy jacket on top. Ankle-strap heels help balance out all the legginess." 

This tip is definitely solid, and good to remember as we move through the dog days of summer. The dress here is from Pinkyotto, a boutique on Newbury St. that I fell in love with on our trip out here in 2010 for a wedding. They have delightful teddy bear heads plunked on the storefront's mannequins, and made it impossible not to peek inside and see what that was all about. There are three others in NYC, as well!

04-P2840942 05-P2840810

Pinkyotto can always be counted on to have sweet, kitschy prints in lovely silks and lace trims, and it's just a really fun, unapologetically girly place to shop. So yes, this dress is going on three years old, and very short. It definitely doesn't pass the bend-over test (something I urge my clients to try with dresses they try on - you never want to accidentally flash someone).


I love this little jacket but it doesn't quite sit right on me, so after this it's going into the "to sell or donate" pile. Such an awesome shade of purple, though, and a great, nubby fabric. The silly faux pockets crack me up every time. The tassel belt is from Zara and is always a lot of fun, and the heels are Novela. The necklace you probably recognize by now as J. Crew, and that's it!

Lipstick is MAC's Speak Louder, a bright, bratty pink. My poor hair had a nice little bend at the ends, but the humidity zapped it right out.

07-Purple Bird-001 08-P2840928 09-P2840969 10-P2850047

I confess that we've gotten hooked on Top of the Lake, a miniseries from Sundance set in a New Zealand mountain town. (A friend who's actually from New Zealand recommended it when we were in New York.) It's very good, though baffling, and really stunning to look at. It feels strange to say that given the subject (Elizabeth Moss plays a detective investigating the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant girl), but some of the sweeping shots of the landscapes - and there are horses just everywhere - take my breath away. It may or may not be the reason posts have slowed down here ever-so-slightly. I'm sorry! Watch it, and you'll see why.

More soon, little darlings.