Puppy Love

Guess who needs a haircut? OK, we both do, but Conor, Conor, Bird. My goodness. What an adorable young ruffian.

My hairstylist has zero availability for the rest of the month, so my hotshot plans to get a quick trim before the wedding in Boston at the end of the month are bullocks. Thank God I was able to squeeze in a facial next week. I'm doing that femme thing where I'm like bangs redux vs. growing out the bangs and it's fucking HOMO PANIC ROOM CENTRAL. I mean, this is the dress I'm going to wear and wouldn't it cause tectonic digressions in your psyche, too?

And yes, I'm hunting down the perfect moto and must collect a million fabulous rings to wear it with. Can't I just get this in pink and white and oh, all of these while I'm at it? Can't I?!

Y'all? It was my birthday yesterday. Tuesday birthdays are kind of ho-hum, I suppose, and I had to go to work on my birthday for the first time in I-can't-remember-how-long. Sneaky M took the day off without my knowing and spent all day baking assorted cupcakes - rainbow chip, bunny-shaped cupcakes in pink, baby cupcakes with magical sprinkles - prepping for a delicious grilled filet mignon dinner, decking out every corner of the house with beautiful pale pink roses and bright pink tulips, and putting up birthday decorations.

The moment I walked through the door, she kissed me and plunked a MASSIVE strawberry daiquiri into my hands. I was so surprised to see how lovely everything looked, and I was content as a kitten to have a nice, low-key night. My family called and sang Happy Birthday in an impressive full three-part harmony, too, and my friends lavished well wishes on me all day long. I'm a lucky girl!

I've read both of Chris Cleave's novels, Incendiary and Little Bee (The Other Hand) and we're meeting with our book club on Friday night to discuss the latter. But later this weekend, in the spirit of celebrating my 31st birthday all month long, M is taking me shopping for Parisian lingerie, we'll have dinner at Garçon! or maybe Restaurant Ducroix or Chez Papa and then take in a bit of theater at the American Conservatory Theater to see No Exit. Perhaps a spot of dancing will be had.

I'll have riding lessons and we'll check out some lighting equipment for my studio, which she's promised to procure and build as soon as I commit to something (which is going to be so difficult - I've done hours of research and am not a lick closer to deciding).

Have I mentioned that I absolutely adore my thirties?

Dress, Cardigan: Target Belt, D&B Bag, Sunglasses: Vintage Pumps: BCBG Necklaces, top to bottom: Banana Republic, Mexico, Betsey Johnson Wooden bangle: Pier One