Punk Rock Johnny Cash

http://youtu.be/QjCyNolGb6g http://youtu.be/Ls6xDMm3tjc


Punk Rock Johnny Cash, you lovely bastard, you’ve left a terrible hole in the heart of San Francisco.

"Punk Rock Johnny Cash" or Jesse Morris, played regularly at the 24th & Mission BART station when we lived near there. He was very much adored. On weekday mornings, in between enduring pre-caffeine sexual harassment from the derelicts sitting in their own piss on the corner, and swiping my key card to get into a downtown high rise-shaped hell on earth, with all the banality of folks shuffling en masse to work, scarcely yet exactly representing humanity, and then out of the din this tall, scowling-smirking person crooning Johnny Cash songs like some kind of dark, wonderful inside joke.

Those mornings were always the very best ones, a sly reminder of all that is good and right in the world. He died on Sunday, and I only just found out today. It's awfully sad news, terrible news, and I don't feel like talking much.

Jesse's band mates are having at a benefit for his family at Uptown in Oakland, where they were supposed to play this Friday night. 1928 Telegraph at 9pm.