Howdy, strangers! There are no words for my excitement over this new addition to my wardrobe: the puffer vest. While some things can be plucked from the tomboy's side of the closet, the femme tomboy puffer isn't exactly one of them. (Believe me, I tried. Shh, don't tell! She's very possessive of hers.) When I saw this one by Ralph Lauren, I fell in love. It was the perfect outdoorsy shade of green, and really doesn't betray itself as being for her aside from being quite nicely fitted. It makes such a difference! With the campy finishing touches of the chunky wood and rough rope toggles, who the hell needs fleece?! (Answer: Bloody no one, that's who.)

Then...at the risk of sounding like an advertisement, when I spied two little boy's shirts for $20 apiece over the weekend (also Ralph Lauren), I snapped them up, too! LAYERING! With weather that's finally started to behave like a proper winter, any day now I'll be tucking my fully lined leggings into rain boots and traipsing through city streets like a real live lumberlady! Hooray!

Two of my favorite things: Tornado Recovery t-shirt from My Shirt Helps (I made some minor modifications) and the Otter-Messer sailor's knife M slipped into my stocking this Christmas. It's German, has a carbon steel blade and brass anchor inlay. I use it all the time. I get so mad when I reach for it and realize it didn't make it through the last purse change or it's still sitting in my jeans pocket on the bedroom floor at home, etc.!

True story: When M first met me, I carried a knife everywhere. I slipped it into a boot or my clutch or a pocket,  and while I still have it (it's a lot bigger than this one), it's been awhile since I've carried it. It feels good to have one on me again!

The outdoorsiness of the outfit required rigorous testing, obviously. I adore the huge green ring, which is a total treasure I found at the Crossroads in Rockridge (Oakland). My manicure goes with it quite well, too - a few coats of Zoya's Cynthia ("smoky, blackened peacock teal" blue) with a layer of OPI Gold Shatter on top! Close-up you can see the different colors, but from a distance it looks like a gilded green.

What else is new? The petite and I did mother/daughter manicures and pedicures at a cute little Potrero Hill salon on a lovely sunny day, both M and I had routine haircuts at our respective places of grooming (Watermelon Sugar and F.S.C. Barber), and we've had a few dreamy little dates and nights out and about. We saw Pariah, which was really so good and well done and I urge you all to see it if you haven't already, and we've surrendered to the charms of Downton Abbey, a new addiction on PBS.

After a bit of research, we've also added a handful of towns to our Massachusetts shortlist, should the final decision lean that way - we're supposed to commit one way or another exactly two weeks from now!

Denim & Vest: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Tornado Recovery T-Shirt: My Shirt Helps Tartan Poplin Shirt: Ralph Lauren Suede Ankle Boots: Trouvé Necklaces: Culp Baubles (lipstick bullet) / Lisa Galibardy (winged crow skull) Pony Watch: Asos

How's 2012 treating you so far?