10-P2850060 Behold this amazing crown headband I snatched from J. Crew. Sure, it was in the Crewcuts section, but please. As if I'm one to pass up a tiara, especially one that so beautifully captures something right out of an Art Nouveau piece. It's my favorite and sometimes I wear it around the house just because.


Day 28: "Lace shorts can feel really precious, but wear it with a button-up shirt, fun oxfords, and little socks."

I borrowed these from my teenager, and paired them with an Everlane belt, a polka dot denim top in soft grey from Target and vintage brogues. For accessories, a J. Crew necklace, menswear-ish Bulova watch and Kiel James Patrick's Island of Tortuga bracelet. I ditched the socks because things have warmed back up here, sans all that sticky old humidity.


Speaking of Everlane, ZOMG the Ryan tees and tanks are at long last back in stock, so go getchusome for $20 a pop. I picked up two even though I was hoping for some sweet, moody fall/winter colors. They're too good!


With the petite off gallivanting with her pal (and family) in Newport, RI over the weekend, the tomboy and I had lots of pool time and R&R, even though I had a client Saturday afternoon. We finished Top of the Lake (which was very, very good and full of beautiful New Zealand scenery, but required quite a lot of recovery time afterward), watched The Sapphires, made lots of good food and stayed up until the wee hours of morning.

06-P2850104 07-Crown-001

We also had a very productive Sunday morning cafe date with Sonny from Qwear, and in case you missed the announcement about my joining the team as an official  expert on all things femme (and then some), there's a brand new post up that dives right in to how I get my hair so...FFAF-y. I'd love it if you'd check it out and feel free to submit any questions or requests for future posts - it's what I'm there for!


I'm in love with this Zoya polish. It's named Dahlia, from their PixieDust line of polishes, described as "a black beauty with a sugared sparkle, in the exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula." That accurately sums it up, but the matte grit and sparkle and grey-black finish makes it a super chic, easy mani year-round. I picked it up from my local Miniluxe for $5!



For the first time since moving here, I gathered up some bags of used clothing in good condition to take to the local Buffalo Exchange. (We haven't got any Crossroads Trading Co. locations here, by the way.) I used to make once or twice yearly meccas to them back home to nab a goldmine in trade! We never got around to having a yard sale and before I sent them to my Etsy shop or the donation bin, I wanted to scope out the buying counters in our 'hood.

Have you ever sold clothing on consignment, or at a spot like this? It can be pretty intimidating, especially if it's anything like this, but it's a learning process and over the years I've gotten pretty good at knowing what to bother bringing in and what not to. Having a thick skin doesn't hurt, either. Anyway, I think I broke my own record - or came close to breaking it - today. They took two bags of my gently worn duds for appx. $550 in retail (and if you don't know how it works, that's either 50% in trade or 30% in cash for the seller). Woohoo! I took off with the check before I succumbed to the tapestry dress in an all-over dog print.

I'm still thinking about it, though.