Post-Christmas Blues

P2930332 It's a late White Christmas! As I type this there's fresh snow falling and even though it's the day after, I'm wearing a green skirt, red cashmere sweater and an ivory scarf twirled around my neck while I sit beside the still-twinkling Christmas tree, because I'm just not ready to let it go. My daughter (who turned sixteen years old on Christmas Eve - happy birthday to her!) just said that I look like Mrs. Claus. Oh, dear.

Bag o 'ponies-003

One more day! Just one last little day before I change tack and look to the new year in 2014, that's all I ask. Please don't debunk this.

Bag o 'ponies


On a more serious note, I truly hope you each spent the day just exactly the way you wanted. We slept in late, never once took our PJs off, lounged fireside/around the tree opening presents and playing records and baking cookies and snacking and chatting with the folks back home and stayed warm and cozy and it was wonderful. 


While I was on the receiving end of many lovely gifts (quite notably a Crosley record player that I've been dragging with me from room to room, relentlessly playing The Supremes' Merry Christmas album), it's never quite about that, is it, and I was just glad we were all together, safe and sound and happy.

I know you want need to know all about this little black beauty, because it's adorable! Well, one or two dear pals had pointed it out to me awhile back ("Jonesey, you NEED this!") and it was sold out, and I had a huge femme temper tantrum, but then Sonny at Qwear came to the rescue and found it someplace they still had some in stock, and I scooped one up and all was well in the world, except now I can't remember where it's from and there's no trace of it in my Gmail archives and I feel super duper lame about that. *shakes fist*

Bag o 'ponies-001


The blazer is an older one from H&M, the buckled green skirt (same one I've got on today, and I wore it to the Head of the Charles Regatta as well) is a neoprene dream from Asos, and my riding boots are from Gilt. The pretty blue statement necklace is from Lou Lou on Newbury St., and the indigo denim shirt is Madewell. I just love this blue and green together.


Today marks the last of my three-part series on holiday dressing over at Autostraddle, so don't miss out on that - the final post is all about going back to black on New Year's Eve. I'd love to hear what your plans are and what you'll be wearing for New Year's! We're staying local - an indulgent dinner at our favorite French bistro, followed by a small but festive gathering at home with our closest friends.

I haven't decided what to wear yet, but I'll be puttin' on the Ritz for sure!