Remember that amazeballs heatwave we had last week? Yeah, it's super long gone. Fickle, fickle San Francisco. Fickle fog, fickle winds, fickle bay. Here's M enjoying a tasty beverage poolside during the near-forgotten heatwave. Doesn't she look dapper? She makes an excellent poolboy, and despite the fact that she's not the best swimmer ever, she and her mischievous eyebrows can save me and my polka dot bikini any old time.

I'll let her take it from here. - SBJ

First of all, this is a terrible outfit for poolboy-ing. Don't ever try to clean your pool whilst wearing a tie. Also? Don't try to clean a pool full of ducks. Baby ducks are adorable, but grown-up ducks are just rape-y bastards, and I have no idea why they think it's okay to drink pool water. They flew away after they realized we weren't going to leave their territory, ha!

Once the ducks move out, and someone does actually clean the pool, this will be an excellent place for pool parties. We have already spotted an acrylic booze barrel thingamajig we must acquire and fill with sangria. Classy. No idea how we'll get a barrel full of sangria a quarter mile down the road, but we'll figure this out. (Duh, bebe, we need a wagon. Like one for babies, but booze babies. - SBJ)

This won't be like our last pool party -- which was mostly indoors, and more porn than pool -- it will be far superior. You are cordially invited, but, please, don't wear a tie clip. - M

Denim: RSQ Shirt: Calvin Klein Madras Tie: Penguin Tie Clip: Courtesy of the femme! Boots: Mark Nason Belt: H&M