Ponies, beaches and a pretty dress.

RoseCollages CONFESSION: OK, so they aren't real ponies! But it's the one that lets you know the fancy tea and polo shoppe is open, and I love it to death. If I am not mistaken, this is the first dress ever posted here on FFAF, and it's still going strong and I must say, looking better than ever. (Apropos of nothing at all, I need boots that are the exact color of the little elephants, my necklace and earrings.) The beach you are drinking in is San Francisco's Baker Beach, my personal favorite. It is also a nude beach, but only a very small percentage of its visitors take advantage of this. There's just something about being cradled between the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean, the sun like a warm blanket on your skin.

As for the tea shoppe, we had a pot of Tippy Assam with not one but TWO giant sandwich platters - the one with formal tea sandwiches and another with scrumptious cuts of fruit and cheese - both of course made solely with their renowned Motorloaf bread. Amazing.