Pretty In Politics

When: Sunday, Nov. 2nd, 2008.

What: Jonathan Saunders cotton mini dress for Target's GO Int'l, mustard yellow tights by DKNY, navy blue socks from Target. Black wool coat by Blanc Noir and black stiletto boots by Charles David. Captain's hat belongs to the tomboy, and was purchased at the notorious Hat Guys shop on Broadway.

Confession: Today, after a lazy Fall back morning with coffee, bagels slathered in peanut butter and a pint of Odwalla Superfood ("swamp juice," as M likes to call it), we all piled into the car to head to Oakland's Democrat HQ, where the No On Prop 8 folks are set up as well.

They needed volunteers to flyer homes in Oakland districts to counterattack the straight-up LIES that the Yes On Prop 8 folks had spread around in the days prior, so we spent the afternoon in a neighborhood far, far away from ours. M & I had a few conversations with folks also opposed to Prop 8 and already voting for Obama, and we encountered several No On Prop 8 signs already in windows! The most hostility we encountered was from vicious Dobermans and the like, so it felt great to knock out about two dozen square blocks. Yes, I totally wore this outfit, but we did stop to quickly fetch me a pair of flats since we had no idea we'd be trekking all over the San Antonio District.

M is phone banking for a few hours on Tuesday morning, and I plan to either ditch work to volunteer or pitch in for a few hours in the evening. Go, marriage equality, go-go-go!