Wallets are often a very basic necessity that femmes easily overlook. I've been reluctantly lugging around a rather dull one myself since my tomboy wallet died not very long ago; I was - and still am, I think - on a men's wallet kick this year, though I haven't quite yet found a replacement. It feels a little naughty and subversive to carry one instead of a girly wallet, in addition to the fact that it's ever so slightly more practical and compact!

Alas, a lovely friend of mine bemoaned today that hers is in stitches and she's on the hunt for something well made, preferably leather and not in black, for at or under $150, which is a reasonable enough request. I looked around for what I imagined would be stylish and long-lasting pieces any gal would love.

Above are some of my top picks, the details can be found below:

  1. See by Chloe Tassel Wallet, $158
  2. Hobo International Lauren Fringe Wallet, $148
  3. Lodis Celestial Large Ballet Wallet in Berry, $96
  4. Matt & Nat 'Helios Stellar' Wallet in Blue, $48 (vegan)
  5. Hobo International Nancy Wallet in Stone, $98
  6. Lodis Celestial Large Ballet Wallet in Marine, $96
  7. Hobo International Lauren Summit Wallet in Berry, $118
  8. Matt & Nat 'Tadeo' Stud Wallet in Bone, $48 (vegan)
  9. Matt & Nat 'Tadeo' Stud Wallet in Magenta, $48 (vegan)
  10. Hobo International Robin Patent Leather Wallet in Mulberry, $78
I snuck in one itsy bitsy little wallet in black because I thought the gorgeous leather fringe was kind of to die for (and very much my friend's style), and there are exceptions to every femme rule. Furthermore, I personally know that both Hobo and Matt & Nat make really high-quality, super durable goods. Matt & Nat's faux leather is incredibly convincing, and I love the edge in their designs, while Hobo is definitely more classic.
What kind of wallet do you carry, and what does it say about you?