Pleasing Plaid

My dear friends and lovely readers, if you have grown sick of hearing me exclaim of New England's beauty I do apologize, but I don't think you'll be hearing any less of it in the near future. These photos are from a walk we took about a month ago along a new stretch of the Charles River in our neighborhood. I'm a sucker for the glassy reflections of the trees all alight with late afternoon sun stretched out across the water, what can I say?

So you've been warned; there are three more posts in the old FFAF queue and each one highlights yet another breathtakingly pretty nook of our new town. In between now and the end of the month, there's still apple-picking, whale-watching, horseback riding and a leaf-peeping road trip to Portland, ME! This proper season stuff is REALLY exciting, y'all.

I am only slightly remorseful for giving my East Coast pals such a hard time in the past whenever they'd whine about missing seasons (which they did mostly in the fall and summer months). I stand by the fact that native Northern Californians possess a special ability to detect the delicious subtleties of seasonal change back home. Emphasis on subtle.

So we love this path that takes you to the landing over the dam and a darling footbridge, in fact, we'd better walk it again very soon so we can keep an eye on how it's all changing during peak foliage season! Since we can't really take hyper-aggressive Chipotle on walks here (the path is full of cyclists, families with small children and joggers/runners), we only brought Bird with us this time.

He got spooked once or twice, but seemed like a happy little guy overall. Plus, he didn't die after sneaking a sip or two of icky Charles water!

So, not too much else to cover. This is another Tommy Hilfiger shirtdress, paired with a braided belt from another dress and my canvas-and-faux-leather sandals from Aeropostale. I've got on a vintage enamel bracelet shaped like a beige bow, a Kiel James Patrick knotted bracelet, and a Mariele Ivy necklace for jewelry. Oh, and a big, vintage-y ring from Crossroads. Simple!

Enjoy the rest of the pics, and feel free to share your fall time favorites in the comments...