Plaid World

It's hump day. There should be more humping on hump day. In spite of sundry fencing injuries and bruises. Don't you agree? Yes.

A N Y W A Y.

Meet my "Peggy Olson" dress. Isn't it divine? It's the plaid, it's the Peter Pan collar, it's the neat little trim around the waist like a built-in belt that mirrors the detail at the neck, it's the demure length. I adore it. It is quite possibly the most twee dress I own!

Here are some of Peggy's notoriously plaid looks for reference:

Side note: I bet her bangs drove/drive her bloody batty!

How are folks liking this season so far, anyway? (What on earth do I mean, "so far" - isn't the next episode the season finale? It all came and went much too quickly!) Has anyone read the Washington Post piece on how Mad Men is television's most feminist show? Agree? Disagree?

My first thought is how my friends and I have known for quite some time - perhaps as far back as the end of the second season - that Sally was the real one to watch for any substantial feminist cues and interest. The bits about women from that era being unable to watch it saddened me, but I think I managed to convince my mom (who is possibly Sally all grown up herself, age-wise) to start watching it on Sunday night, when we drove out for a deliciously listless visit involving grilled meats, homemade cheesy potato and ham soup, tiramisu and passionate, thoughtful discourse on current events.

Speaking of my mom, her sister and my dearest aunt would have turned 71 years old this past weekend, had she survived her very long and mostly triumphant battle with breast cancer. Let it be known that for the vast majority of my formative years, she kicked the crap out of cancer like a fearsome, beautiful goddess. She barely bat an eyelash, at least as far as I could tell, and the end was fast and vicious, quietly vicious.

She was an incredible woman. My mom sent me an email that her cousin wrote her recently - she's 70 years old and the daughter of my maternal grandfather's brother - and it was so dreamy that I had to share a bit with you:

Judy was born in 1939 so she was about a year older than me.  I just loved her to pieces.  She was my idol.  When I was in my freshman year, I stayed with you and your family for a week.  I had the best time ever.  That was when she was going with Rudy E.  It is just amazing what a person remembers about their teenage years.  But I started thinking about Judy and I thought I might share a few memories of our little girl days.

When we were about 6 or 7 years old, we used to play in Grandma Dubby's attic.  She had the neatest clothes and we used to play dress-up.  We put on her old hats and old shawls and old high heel shoes; we used to pretend that we were Betty Grable and we would dance and pretend we were those  movie stars.  It was a magical time.  When Judy and I play together I had to be Vera Ellen, because I always let Judy be Betty Grable.

There's more, but that bit is a gem. The rest is a bit wilder, believe it or not!

Dress: E. C. Star Pumps:  Max Studio Braided Leather Headband: H&M