Picnics and trains.

Picnic SundayPicnic Sunday1Collages33 Confession: Ta-da! New birdie dress. I love it. It's comfortable and easy and a gorgeous cornflower blue I so love, even if I hated the actual crayon when I was little. Let bygones be bygones! Today my loverbird fed me breakfast in bed - freshly baked croissants and delicious Peerless coffee - and then we made fancy little fried chicken sandwiches and arranged sneaky booze and set out for Dolores Park in San Francisco, because it was a glorious day. The bay was choppy, a million sailboats and windsurfers were out and while the park was windy, it was deliciously warm whenever the breeze slowed down. We snuggled and read books and snacked and giggled a lot.

Why? Because hipsters pretending to play Scrabble, the guy rope-walking barefoot between a few palms and the guitar singalong Brazilians camped out a few yards away from us. At some point a young guy rode by on his bicycle with paper-wrapped flowers for some lucky lass, which was adorable. There was a tiny black puppy flopping all over himself next to us, and while we missed the creme brulee guy, we politely declined the pretty ganja truffles for sale.

I read this book, which I'm enjoying very much:

Now here is a little collection of some photos from our picnic. Clockwise from left:

  1. Tomboy shoes, femme shoes.
  2. My crazy Gap Kids sunglasses in electric blue.
  3. Luna Park is one of our Mission favorites, with their delicious fancy baby corn dogs.
  4. Fancy couple next to a scooter.
  5. Skinneh!
  6. Open your golden gates!
  7. A cuddle.
  8. A bashful cuddle.
  9. A friendly cuddle.
  10. Obnoxious Brazilians!
  11. The essentials.
  12. The high school. I think.
  13. The palms.
  14. The tomboy.
  15. Young man with flowers.
  16. HS.
  17. Legs.
  18. Ice cream!

Picnic Sunday3