Pick Your Pollen

01-P2760087 Look at our little backyard corner, it's really coming together! We finally found a few stools - in our exact color scheme, hot-cha-cha - that work for extra seating at our table, and they ended up being just under $60 apiece. These are far more festive and fun than any matching Ikea bench could hope to be, besides. And finally, our weather matches our mood, and we just wrapped up a 3-day heat wave of sticky hot temps in the 90s. (And eventually, the color of my legs will catch up with all the rest of it.)


03-Pollen Sunday-001


It was the kind of day that screamed for linen, so I relented and put on these Michael Kors shorts, an Anthropologie top (similar here) and my preppy Tommy Hilfiger sandals. A pair of bright cobalt earrings from Asos and vintage LV bag tied it all up, and I put on my Kate Spade anchor ring just because (similar here). The bamboo sunglasses are vintage.


06-P2760116I've been wearing this Kate Spade idiom necklace nonstop lately. One side is a milky enamel, the other is gold engraved with the words "creme de la creme." So simple and sweet!


In case you're curious or want some summer cocktail inspiration, I whipped these up on the fly: Eagle Rare bourbon, a bit of fresh lemon juice, splash of triple sec, and San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa float for summer cocktails. It could have done with a sprig or leaf of something green, though - maybe basil or rosemary!

You could also swap an ingredient for bitters, or just add a drop or two to the mix with a cherry and make it a Fancy Old-Fashioned of sorts. Delicious and refreshing either way.

07-Pollen Sunday


We cleaned house Friday and then again on Sunday, but had such hot weather and fierce winds that we woke up to a thick layer of pollen absolutely caked on every surface. What a drag. At some point, even though I don't get allergies, I couldn't even sit outside - I felt like the pollen was choking my airways and getting in my eyes! It's like spring is still shaking her skirts out and getting settled, and I'm just ready for things to mellow out, weather-wise. BEACH DAYS ARE UPON US. Pollen begone!


10-Pollen Sunday-004

A lot of neck touching happens when it's hot out, apparently. This updo was too easy and looks great in the heat, and if you have curly hair you probably already do it, but if not, you can cheat!

Just take the hair right at the front of your head from ear to ear, clip the rest back, and curl those bits. Curl them every which way, curl them in inconsistent sections, just curl 'em up because they'll give the style some volume and playfulness. Spritz the curls with a little hairspray, loosely rake your fingers through them and push them back as if you were doing a half-up/half-down style. Twist it just a little and secure with a bobby pin, and then loosely twist up the rest of your hair into a bun or chignon, securing with pins like these, leaving a few face-framing strands out if you'd like, but honestly, the heat and going about your day will probably free a tendril or two organically, so don't think too hard about it.  The more insouciant, the better.


Bulova watch from the tomboy and a trusty Kiel James Patrick Island of Tortuga rope bracelet.

12-Pollen Sunday-002

Puppies! Bird is getting a summer haircut courtesy of yours truly this week. SERIOUSLY, IT'S HAPPENING. He's too hot and shaggy, it grosses us out just to look at him when it's this humid out. I even have special doggy clippers! Let's hope he and I make it out of the whole ordeal unscathed. Chipotle just had his 11th birthday, y'all, he's getting up there but is more or less unchanged and still up to his usual dingo antics. He tolerates harassment from Bird and Gunny, Bird tolerates harassment from Gunny, and Gunny tolerates harassment from NO ONE. (Well, he tolerates us, I suppose.)


A faux old-timey one for good measure.

Enjoy your week, kittens!