Pepto Pink Psychobunny Skull

San Francisco's abundance of wildly entertaining and often bizarre or caustic street art is something I dare other cities to match. After a fantastic afternoon of shopping for lingerie (cheeky sets by Lou and Huit 8 specifically) and eating in the Fillmore, Pacific Heights and Russian Hill districts, we stopped at the very busy corner of Laguna and Haight to snap these photos with some incredible and relatively new murals. Here I am slipping from the grasp of the astronaut and quietly lamenting that I'll never ever get to do a Kittenzilla FFAF.

These raccoons don't look terribly menacing, in fact they seem a bit disoriented and freaked out. I suppose if I were a raccoon trapped in a mural of a tidy home with no visible foodstuffs left out to rummage I'd be feeling disoriented and freaked out, too. Alas, I am no raccoon (and thank God, they're real bastards raccoons are), I am a girl who loves fancy Parisian lingerie, riding horses and listening to the blues.

I'm wearing a frothy silk dress by Julie Brown. I like that it's short, a little bit hippie, but polished. I added my gold and paisley necklace from Banana Republic, my rose gold Ray Bans to give it a little sparkle, and the Dolce Vita clogs and Freebird satchel were no-brainers! The nice boy in Marc by Marc Jacobs told me that the paisley design has an interesting origin: bags of rice would be hand-stamped with the pinky side of a curled-up fist, and then ornate designs would be colored in. I can't find anything that confirms this, but he was so excited about it and it was a nice little story.

I wanted this but I bought Rufus Wainwright's One Day In The Life Of... book, it is beautiful and helps benefit The Kate McGarrigle Fund.

Last but by no means least, I give you pepto pink psychobunny and the skull. M had to give me a boost to sit up beside it. It's super creepy and cute and that, of course, is what makes it so damn lovable. My stats are always telling me that devoted FFAF readers come from the most interesting parts of the country and in many cases, all over the world. What's one of your favorite things about where you live?