Peplums & Petticoats!

Sher's Birthday1Collages6-1 CONFESSION: I had a very full, very festive weekend. The last before Christmas! On Friday night, the tomboy and I bundled up (a bit too much - it was wonderfully pleasant out!) and headed downtown with the petite to follow the longtime tradition of peeking in at the puppies and kittens up for adoption, adorably displayed in Macy's whimsical holiday window displays. (M threatened to physically remove me if I didn't stop tearing up! I can't help it! One little creamsicle kitten was hugging herself to sleep!) It was so much fun! We came home and had Mexican hot chocolate and cookies fresh out of the oven, and watched Valentino: The Last Emperor (which really made me cry).

We celebrated my best friend's birthday at a lovely French bistro on Saturday night (that's where these fancy photos are from - this H&M top is so FUN with a built-in petticoat underneath the peplum, but I pinned the flower to the waist for a little extra something) - I had a wonderful pear cocktail and ordered the Coq au Vin, which was fantastic. The BFF was thrilled to bits with everything and we laughed heartily through the entire dinner. All were loathe to end the night so soon!

On Sunday, we celebrated my Grandmother's 90th birthday. Festivities began promptly at a 10AM mass and didn't stop until we tore ourselves away from her charming stories and copious amounts of her favorite brandy, in order to make it to a dinner on time at Will Blog For Food's house. She roasted her very first chicken for us, paired with a gorgeous salad with persimmons and endives, a toasty loaf of bread and roasted vegetables (which became quite caramelized and which M could not get enough of). A happy and lovely evening to complete a very busy weekend!

After catching up with my beauty sleep this morning, I have to tidy up the flat, queue up the baking parade, wrap gifts and take care of those inevitable last-minute errands the holidays bring. I can't wait until Christmas Eve and I hope y'all are ready for whatever wonderful plans await you! XOXO!

Some fancy photos of the tomboy and I, for fun:

P1650539 P1650542 P1650543