Did somebody order a party in a box? Booze, snacks, citrus, mixers, ice...anyone?

This is going to be a carefree, to-the-point post, considering the fact that I am on a plane to Boston from San Francisco and ever so slightly buzzed from a few friendly  mimosas. I guess you could call this a companion post, as it picks up with the tomboy where the last post left off - same day, same round of festivities with friends, a lot more masculine. Welcome to M's "Did somebody say 'brunch'?" ensemble.

She takes a pair of khakis from Men's Express and makes them all kinds of handsome, and as far away from the dull, lazy Silicon Valley stereotype as a person could get, I think, by pairing them with an Elie Tahari dress shirt (a soft, bluish grey) and cardigan bought new from Crossroads - she can't remember whatever obscure brand it is, but she found it at their College Ave. location and wishes she'd snagged the grey version as well!

All brought together by a haphazard, undone bow tie (of course, it didn't start that way, but you know, a lovely member of our group felt under-dressed, so being a gentlemen, she graciously undid it on the spot to help her feel more at ease). No idea where this bow tie came from, btw. We've racked our brains and not much can be done about it, as we are 36,792 feet in the air. Whomp.

The shoes are from Aldo and this was their last hurrah, actually, she's currently eyeing a pair from Mr. B's Gentlemen's Boutique, in case any of you dear readers have words on their quality and whatnot - apparently there are three shops in Boston where we can find them (compared to just two in SF). You'll recognize her Dior Homme glasses, although soon I imagine you'll be seeing her new prescription pair of Ray-Ban Cockpit sunglasses.

That's it! And just for fun, some mushy loverbird photos at Jack London Square, taking by Autostraddle's fearless leader herself, the incredibly talented Riese!

We'll keep you posted on our New England house-hunting trip, kiddos! Hopefully, there will be time to sneak in a few shoots.