Parasols, princes and purple.

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FEMME CONFESSION: Y'all? We are still packing, still working a lot, still wishing it was already that blessed time when me and my girls and pups are all settled into our new place. This is going to be quick and dirty, but SF PRIDE was so, so amazing and so, so good to us. My sweet Grandma Jones's delicious secret bourbon slush recipe was a big hit (someone even suggested that it should be the new house drink) and when I woke up in our new place with M on Sunday morning, the birds were singing and I half-thought when I opened my eyes that they'd be right there with ribbons at the ready and there might be bunnies braiding my hair. Heavenly. I cannot wait to be there 100%.

PS. M bought me this lovely lilac parasol at SF Pride. Isn't it cute?

PPS. There will be no tomboy confession, as M is out of commission and has been since about 10 minutes after the photos below were taken, poor thing. She also adds that she has inexplicable bruises to share, if anyone is interested.

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FEMME BONUS ROUND: Y'all get a bonus round. This fancy outfit is a wardrobe change post-Dyke March, to get ready for late night drinking and dancing! As we were boozy, they didn't come out so hot, but they'll do in a pinch, I guess.

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