One very dismal Friday afternoon.

a-very-dismal-friday-afternoon2Confession: I finally, finally, FINALLY took three bags of my closet's ex-contents to Crossroads this afternoon, a buy-sell-trade with stores all over the country and several in the Bay Area. M was threatening to throw them out and she meant business, but so did I! In addition to walking out of there with a fistful of cash, I traded my castaways for these like-new Marc by Marc Jacobs flats, new dark blue denim shorts with white pinstripes, a cheery new yellow summer top, a new BCBG Max Azria wrap dress in a gorgeous blue print and a pair of very cheeky red canvas peep-toe heels - so Varga girl! I had forgotten all about the satisfying rush one gets when acquiring awesome new clothes "for free!" I still have some great stuff that they turned down (Uniqlo, a pristine Ann Taylor suit, misc. vintage) that I might put up on ebay or just donate. Do y'all ever do the buy-sell-trade, or is it too harrowing / inconvenient / obnoxious?

PS. You're not nuts - I changed my shoes. The Charles David boots are what I'm kicking high in the B&W! I loved the neon yellow in the belt with the hot pink of the flats too much!

Scent: Christian Dior Diorling power walks out of the decant with a toss of big 80s hair, shoulder pads and a mad, red mouth. It smells like something from my childhood, and being a child of the 80s I suppose this makes sense. In a way it's very much your staple "perfume" smell. A hint of floral over a stern chypre, just a tinge of something powdery. The leather is elusive at first, but starts to show itself in the dry down. In reality, Diorling was born in 1963, and I'm not 100% sure that this is the original, but I suspect it's the watered down, pansy reissue. M was taken aback by the top notes, saying it reminded her of the smell of whatever it is that Pine Sol tries to cover up with the scent of pine - not the pine itself. I'm unimpressed, overall and looking forward to a write-up over the weekend of something divine!